Conor McKeever


Jun 2012

News round-up: Space-Age China, In-Utero Surgery and Sexist Science

Chinese astronauts reach orbiting space lab


China’s Shenzhou 9 rocket – which last week became the first Chinese mission to carry a female astronaut – has successfully docked with the orbiting Tiangong-1 station 340 km (210 miles) above the Earth. The arrival of the three crewmembers marks the first time anyone has boarded the station since its launch in 2011, and makes China only the third country to ever achieve a manned space docking.

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News round-up: New elements, Olympicene, SpaceX and Neutrinos

Two more place cards at the Periodic Table

Scientists have officially named two elements whose discoveries were announced last year. Element 114, first detected in 1999 by scientists at Russia’s Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR), will be called Flerovium (symbol Fl) after the Institute’s founder, Georgy Flyorov. Element 116 will become Livermorium (symbol Lv) in honour of the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in California, which teamed up with the JINR to discover the element. 

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