Conor McKeever


Mar 2013

Scientist or Terrorist?

Picture the scene: you glance out of your kitchen window to see your neighbour making his way towards his shed. He opens the door, turns on a light and instantly a rudimentary laboratory is revealed. On a table, a jumble of wires, powders and liquids lie in anticipation and even from this distance, the ominous icon of a biohazard symbol shimmers in the fluorescent light. He returns into view, clutching a timer; its display casts a green pall across his features.

Should you call the police?

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I, Science: DIY Science – Out Now!


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The What Particle?

Higgs Simulation

For something so hard to find, the Higgs boson has been absolutely everywhere for the last few years. But despite it trending on Twitter, and even having its own iPhone app, most people still ask, “What exactly is it?”

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I, Science Special Outreach Issue – Out Now!


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