Hi, I’m Conor and I’m the Research Communications Manager at JDRF, the type 1 diabetes charity.

Chemistry grad who left the lab to talk about science

Although my degree was in chemistry, I soon left the lab when I realised I preferred talking about science to doing it myself!

Now I work to translate the research JDRF funds into something more accessible for everyone.

My work at JDRF UK

Previously a science communication specialist, I now manage a small team of both research and lifestyle content producers.

Together, we generate content that drives supporters to deepen their engagement with JDRF.

Previous work experience

Science Communications Officer at The Institute of Cancer Research, London
I was responsible for creating and managing content for a range of print and digital projects at the ICR. These projects included the ICR’s website, supporter publications, email newsletters and intranet.
I was also heavily involved in the ICR’s fledgling LGBTQ+ network, through organising and advertising events, feeding into the development of the ICR’s equality policies, and arranging organisation-wide initiatives to boost our visibility.

Digital Content Producer (Science) at Natural History Museum
(2015 – 2017)
I was responsible for creating science-focused content for both public and scientific audiences, covering topics ranging from tropical diseases to early life on Earth.
This included writing news and features, building and editing information pages on the website, and contributing to collaborative digital projects (such as the partnership with Google Arts and Culture).

Research Communications Officer at JDRF UK
(2013 – 2015)
I was responsible for producing the majority of JDRF’s research content, both online and in print. This included writing news, responding to supporter queries, and giving talks around the UK.
I also worked with fundraising teams to create appeals that were mailed to thousands of supporters, and to develop proposals to trusts and philanthropists, which secured significant sums for the charity.