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I, Science: The Future – Out Now!

I, Science: The Future

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Scientist or Terrorist?

Picture the scene: you glance out of your kitchen window to see your neighbour making his way towards his shed. He opens the door, turns on a light and instantly a rudimentary laboratory is revealed. On a table, a jumble of wires, powders and liquids lie in anticipation and even from this distance, the ominous icon of a biohazard symbol shimmers in the fluorescent light. He returns into view, clutching a timer; its display casts a green pall across his features.

Should you call the police?

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I, Science: DIY Science – Out Now!


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The What Particle?

Higgs Simulation

For something so hard to find, the Higgs boson has been absolutely everywhere for the last few years. But despite it trending on Twitter, and even having its own iPhone app, most people still ask, “What exactly is it?”

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I, Science Special Outreach Issue – Out Now!


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Do polygraphs tell the truth?

Polygraph Test

When Bill Wegerle came home to find his wife murdered in their bed, his world fell apart. To make it worse, he became the prime suspect in her murder and, without an alibi, no one would believe his innocence. In a bid to clear his name, he agreed to a police polygraph test, but failed. Twice. By the time he was finally exonerated, in light of new evidence, it was too late – Bill and his children had spent twenty years living as social outcasts, damned by the very machine that should have saved them. 

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I, Science: The Moral Issue – Out Now!

I, Science: The Moral Issue - Out Now!

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Now you see it, now you don’t


It’s not often that the world gets excited about transmission  electron microscopy (TEM), so when it does, there must be a good reason. Last week, this  image from the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa began making waves on  the internet, with people claiming that  it showed the double helix of a single strand of DNA.

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Touchdown Confirmed! Curiosity lands on Mars

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter captures Curiosity's descent.

Eight months and 352 million miles (567 million km) since it launched from Cape Canaveral, NASA’s Curiosity rover landed successfully in Gale Crater, marking the beginning of its 98-week mission to discover if Mars could have ever hosted life.

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